Loss Zero Co., Ltd.


Company Overview


We, Loss Zero,

respect bountiful foods on this planet

and propose a new solution to save those foods.

We, Loss-Zero,
shed light on Food Waste and Loss issues,
provide society with friendly products and services for consumers,
suppliers, and this planet, and promote sustainable lifestyles to everyone.
People today tend to waste foods that are still edible,
and however, it is too good to discard foods for the most part.

Our corporate philosophy is to reduce Food Waste and Loss.
We become the bridge between suppliers who want to sell surplus products
and consumers who look for great quality foods that are environmentally friendly.

The Food Waste and Loss problem are vast and challenging to solve,
and however, we believe that our activities can positively impact society.
We believe that our service leads to reducing Food Waste and Loss.
Loss-Zero aims to create a platform where everyone can join,
tackle the issues, and gain benefits.
We promise that our service makes manufacturers, retailers, buyers, and the Earth,smile.


We find a new value in wasteful foods,
use those graceful resources,
and realize a sustainable society.


Through Loss Zero's actions that
reduce Food Waste and Loss,
we encourage ethical living in society and make makers,
eaters, everyone smile.

Main Business

・Food sharing services (EC, Department store, etc.)
・Plan and produce upcycling food products
・Offer information regarding Food Waste and Loss issues
・Run Loss-Zero restaurant and Loss-Zero cafe
・Advise and consult the strategy for reducing food loss to clients

Other business

・Support youth independence and women's empowerment